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Eco Interior Design with Erica Reiner – SHC007

Eco Interior Design with Erica Reiner – SHC007

In this episode of the podcast I had an amazing interview with Erica Reiner from E. Leigh Designs and we discussed the basics of eco interior design and how we can use materials and products in our home that are better for the environment and for our health. I provide...

Other Recent Episodes

7 Simple and Cheap Ways to Save Water Around Your Home – SHC006

How you can help save the whales (not exactly) without blowing your budget. I remember lining up at the drinking fountain in elementary school waiting my turn. We used to give each other a hard time for taking to long and drinking too much and we used to say, “Hey!...

16 Simple and Cheap Ways to Save Energy Around Your Home – SHC005

Improving Sustainability in Existing Homes I really enjoy dreaming about renovating my existing home to make it much more efficient and also someday building my own sustainable home. For me (and most others) building a new home or completing a major renovation is way...

Environmentally Sustainable Homes – SHC004

The Basics of Environmentally Sustainable Homes. In this post we will be discussing these questions: What makes homes or the materials used in them damaging to the environment? How you can know if materials used in your home are environmentally friendly? How can you...

My Quest for Sustainability – SHC003

What do I want to get from making my home and my life more sustainable? How do I plan on getting there? I have always wanted to have a career that would allow me to support my family and still have time to be with them. I have been interested in architecture and...

The Importance of Having a Durable Home – SHC002

  Why should you have a durable home? Have you ever had an old junker car that you were always afraid of it breaking down? I bought my first car when I was 17 for $250. It was a 1981 Toyota Corolla Sedan with a 1.8 litre engine and standard transmission. It was...

Redefining Sustainability – SHC001

When we think of sustainability we most often think of “green homes” being sustainable to the environment meaning that it does not degrade the environment through its construction or use. The definition of sustainability describes the ability to be maintained at a...

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