This is a difficult episode for me.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t put out an episode since the very beginning of the year. I have wanted to…. but apparently haven’t wanted to enough to get the drive to get it done despite all of my other commitments in life.

I really, truly believe that this message is important to get out into the world. I just have realized in the past couple weeks that I may not be the right one to be doing this.

I have spent a lot of time trying to focus on what I am really meant to do in my life, what my dreams are, and what I am UNIQUELY gifted to be able to do.

There are a couple resources that have helped me tremendously in being able to figure these things out.

The first is a book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix (non-affiliate Amazon link). This book talks about us all having different zones of skill or abilities in our lives. Zones of incompetence, competence, excellence, and genius. The zone of genius is essentially what you were created to do in this world. When you are doing activities within that zone you truly come alive. You enjoy it more than anything else and you know it is what you were put on this earth to do.

I used to think thats the zone where this podcast fell into but reflection in recent weeks has revealed that this was just in my zone of excellence. I don’t know exactly how it will take shape but in the past couple weeks I have realized that my zone of genius is to help other parents with special needs children (I have three) be able to gain proper perspective and thrive in their lives. Whether I will be doing one-on-one coaching or building an online community where parents can really join together to help each other out and have a space to know that there are many others in similar situations, I don’t quite know yet. But in the coming weeks I will be reaching out to some parents of special needs kids to have conversations and see how I can really help.

There is one man that is responsible for helping me see that there is something greater that I need to be doing with my life and that by changing my inner perspectives I can truly thrive and achieve my dreams. That man is Cliff Ravenscraft. I will be going to his Free the DReam Conference this September and I am already growing so much in recent weeks and months from the content he is producing. I strongly encourage everyone to watch his opening speech from his conference last year. It will change your life!

Finally, I will be ending my contributions to this podcast and website at the end of August. If anyone is interested in picking up the torch and carrying it on please email me at I do have a lot of content outlined for future content that I would be sad to see entirely go to waste. If no one steps up by the end of August this website will just be shut down and podcast pulled offline.

I know many of you many be disappointed to hear this but it is what I need to be doing for myself and for my family.

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